Freddie Mercury in retrograde

Thanks to the super-savvy Melanie Conklin, I’ve just learned that today is the last day that the planet (not the singer) Mercury is in retrograde.

I’m gonna be honest. I’ve heard this statement before and had absolutely no idea what it meant. Thankfully, Melanie tweeted a link and spread the answers to all of my astrological questions before me like a blanket of knowledge.

Being the mega-Freddie Mercury fan that I am (not joking here… my wife can tell you I basically have an altar of sorts built to the man, the band, the legend), I had to learn more about why he was in retrograde and why he was bringing such misery to us earthlings.

freddieWhy, Freddie? Why?

Unfortunately, the link didn’t say and I still don’t know why.

But I did learn that Pisces (my zodiac sign) suffer from foggy thinking, utilize daydreams to escape from the current situation, and are driven batty by current realities during this time. Here’s a bit of truth for you… we’re like that 90% of the time. Or at least I am, anyway.

The solution offered up?

  • Writing (check)
  • Film (check)
  • Dancing (if you can count what I do as dancing, then check)
  • And other creative pursuits (sure… check)

So, in honor of Freddie Mercury, one of the greatest songwriters in all of history, in honor of his renegade retrograde retaliation, in honor of all the other cotton-brained Pisces out there who can’t think straight… I have a couple of poems about thinking and brains.


A Story Fell in my Head Today

I chewed on the idea inside of my brain,
Prepared to open a creative vein.
As I strung words together, beginning the chain,
Another story fell in my head.

This wasn’t the story I started today.
And when I tried to shoo it away,
“I’ll come back for you later,” I’d say,
That story just stayed in my head.

“I wish you’d simply leave and wait
And let me finish this story,” I’d state.
“I swear that we’ll meet before too late.”
But the story remained in my head.

Then suddenly I felt compelled
To catch a glimpse of what it held.
Just a piece before I expelled
The story stuck in my head.

And when I noticed to my surprise
This idea hiding behind my eyes
Could be a masterpiece in disguise…

Another story fell in my head.


If I ever have a daughter,
When she’s old enough to date,
I’d let her see a zombie
‘Cause he’d like her for her brain.

Stay creative, everyone.

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About Brooks Benjamin

Author of MY 7th GRADE LIFE IN TIGHTS (Delacorte/Random House, 2016) Edited by the fabulous Wendy Loggia and represented by the incredible Uwe Stender of TriadaUS Literary
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